About Lucent

Lucent’s mission is to bring forth the next generation wearables technology to improve everyone’s lives.

Lucent is founded in 2017 by a group of extremely user-centric engineers and designers who wanted to harness the power of internet technology into a beautiful pair of glasses - without the need to have a floating prism.

The Lore

The world is bigger than a black screen. As technology services continuously integrate into our lives, we face an unwanted problem - we are living in our portable screens. And we do understand that, there are way too many functionalities and uses available on the smartphone, it’s hard to go without them.

And here comes the dream, are we able to merge the reality with digital? Are we able to integrate the content and functionalities of the phone to our lives? To simply remove our screens?

The Breakthrough(s)

The size is all that matters. As technology of the 21st century progresses, computer component chips are becoming smaller than ever, paving the way for a functional yet ultra-portable glasses that serve functional purposes for everyone. We are inching closer than ever.

The Current

With our perfect manufacturing partners, we are diving into something special.